Wellness Programs

Wellness Programs

Everyone knows “Health is Wealth”, but how many of us really give it high priority in the days of hectic work hours, business travel and household responsibilities. It makes sense to have partner like Avekxa who takes care of your health and wellbeing through optimization of diagnostics, human resources and innovative technology.

A properly designed health and wellness program can take care of your wellbeing and reduce risk of occurrence of chronic diseases. If you are already having any chronic disease, then Avekxa will help you to monitor and manage its progression to advance stage.

Avekxa has develop a unique collaborative platform to bring key stake holders such as doctors, hospitals, diagnostic services and medical stores under one umbrella. The benefit of which is passed on to end users for ease and effectiveness of handling their healthcare needs along with analytical assessments, health alerts, educational materials and other value-added services, at their fingertips through HealthE app.

Services offered:

  • Preventive Care and Risk assessment
  • Chronic disease management of
    • Diabetes
    • Cardiovascular
    • Pulmonary
    • Hepatic
    • Kidney and pancreas
  • Behavioral change management
  • Transformational health management

Value Added Services


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