Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Avekxa’s Akhil Swasthya Hetu Ayojan (आशा), is one of India’s most comprehensive population health management programs, to increase the reach and quality of preventive & primary health care in rural India. The program’s main purpose is to manage chronic diseases (NCDs) and to control/prevent diseases with long term impact, by enrolling, screening, managing and  monitoring large number people living in aspirational districts, in conjunction with state and district administration and infrastructure (such as PHCs and Anganwadi). The program is constructed in line with Ayushman Bharat Scheme launched by Government of India for the NCDs focused by NHM.

Avekxa’s objective is to implement a disruptive healthcare management solution in a cost-effective way while maintaining the quality of care by optimizing the usage of human resources and innovative technology.

The program आशा envisages to screen and manage the rural and semi-rural population of the districts holistically for multiple therapeutic areas including diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular issues, pulmonary issues, kidney and liver related issues along with mammography to manage breast cancer, allowing the program to encompass diseases which have a long term impact with socio-economic factors and are also common in rural areas. Avekxa’s model of execution of the program आशा, is to get maximum effect by repetition, so Avekxa proposes to execute the program on a quarterly basis.

Avekxa uses best in class proven and highly innovative technology. They use an IoT Infrastructure based system called VitalZ and a mobile app called HealthE, this technology allows them to perform and report on 100+ diagnosis instantly even in remote and hilly areas, and report the data digitally to appropriate stakeholders.

Technology with skilled manpower augmented with existing local medical staff and government workers allows Avekxa to screen a person within 20 minutes and provide instantaneous reports to the people for immediate intervention, wherever and whenever required. Avekxa also provides a state wise/ district wise/ village wise; preventive care and trend analysis  dashboard to government and all major stakeholders.

Avekxa foresees that early detection by screening the people completely, immediate reports and trend dashboards, create a decision support platform for the state/district administration and medical staffs allowing them to intervene and take appropriate steps, thereby avoid future incidence of high expenditure.

Avekxa (a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Care’) Healthcare Private Limited is incorporated at Hyderabad under Companies Act, 2013.

Solution Features VitalZ & HealthE

Note: Some test parameters are captured manually into HealthE using FDA & CE approved strips/kits developed by CHART in collaboration with a global healthcare & Life sciences Co.

Urban & Rural Healthcare Management

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Working across the full spectrum of where, when and how health happens

Across Settings
Continuous care as patients transition from one context to another

Across People
Continuity across the care team, populations and conditions

Across Data
Continuous and holistic analysis of all types of data

Across Time
Continuous, proactive engagements throughout a person’s lifetime

Digitalization of Healthcare at Doorstep, Last Mile Rural Connectivity

Aadhar Enabled

Access controlled Dashboard

Security and Portability


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No Syringe

Proliferation of Health Education, Employment Generation

Creation of Health Awareness | Jobs Creation at Village | Promotional platform for Government Initiatives

Quality Healthcare made Affordable

We take care and manage your healthcare at price as low as `10/person/day for a yearlong program.

Healthcare screening every quarter
Chronic Disease Management

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