Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Health insurance providers are willing to invest on preventive healthcare measures and solutions that will give access to healthy life to the beneficiary along with covering the healthcare cost. With this they are trying to create win-win situation by avoiding hospitalization, large medical bills and repetitive claims.  AVEKXA through its unique technology and delivery mechanism are working with Insurance providers, brokerage firms and agents to give holistic support in achieving this objective.

Services offered:

  • Pre-Insurance Check Up and Risk Assessment
  • Continuous monitoring of Medium and High Risk Patients, increasing compliance to medication and adherence to therapy
  • Facilitation of new patient acquisition
  • Preventive healthcare and wellness program

Benefits for insurance company:

  • Cost reduction of Pre-Insurance Check Up
  • Increase accuracy of risk assessment using standardized algorithm and reducing manual interface
  • Reduction of time between receipt of filled policy document to completion of underwriting
  • All data, patient records and reports stored and captured in HIPAA compliant and secured cloud based database. Internationally available, immediate and online.
  • Reduction of the total cost of services rendered as well as cost of infrastructure for the insurance company
  • Overall cost of claims (hospitalization) reduction by continuous monitoring, increase compliance and therapy adherence


Services offered would follow standard operating procedure aided by the following:

Human Interface:

Trained Avekxa Care Managers to follow defined protocols (developed by Avekxa Health Advisory Board consisting of prominent doctors and senior nurse) to perform pre-insurance checkups and regular pre-planned monitoring.

Diagnostic Equipment:

  • Single portable device can measure and digitally record multiple vitals (100+ parameters) for example, blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Lipid Profile*, SPO2, Hemoglobin, Temperature and Weight. etc.
  • The Diagnostic Equipment integrated with mobile device and mobile application to avoid manual data entry and possible error

Mobile Application:

The IT (Mobile & Desktop) Application is operating system independent. It works seamlessly on Android, Microsoft or Apple devices. The App is built to be operated on Healthcare and Life Sciences compliant cloud infrastructure.

There are several other features including personalized knowledge management and life style maintenance and change guidelines along with other benefits.