Geriatric Care

Geriatric Care

The medical care of senior and elderly people is called Geriatric is not only to just look after  the basic medical needs but also for the psychological social needs of seniors.

As the human body starts to grow old the body parts along with the mind starts to show th signs of aging. During old age most of the people start to suffer with several types of disease as the body function decrease. Here are some examples:

Vision: In general old people have poor vision. Some even have cataract or glaucoma.

Hearing: They may also suffer with the less ability of hearing.

Endocrine: Elderly people easily get tired or even sick due to diminished endocrine function and decreased metabolism.

Heart: They may prone to cardiovascular and related disease like hypertension, diabetes etc.

Brain and nerves: Due to nervous disorder some of them may suffer with dementia, Alzheimer’s

and Parkinson’s disease.

Bone and Muscles: Now a day’s most of the senior suffering with osteoporosis, arthritis due to lack of Calcium and bone related disorder.

With better medical facilities and change in lifestyle, life span has increased. The increase in lifespan has come with its share of problems. With todays’ stressful life old people feel lonely and their boon of long life becomes a curse. Life of the elderly people becomes lonely as most of their juniors are getting emigrated to different countries or cities due to their profession. Even while living in the same city people are preferring nuclear families.

During aging physiological as well as psychological changes occur in human beings. We should deal appropriately with these changes. Care and support at home can help older people in overcoming insecurity. Little concern can go a long way in helping them. Family and friends have a major role which is mentioned below.

Providing a safe and comfortable environment at home will boost their mental strength. Some adjustments and cooperation can aid a lot. Respecting their opinion and suggestions can make them feel being part of the family.

  • Engaging them in their earlier habits like morning walk, meeting friends, shopping for household etc. can help to reduce anxiety.
  • Taking over of some financial responsibilities can also make them to feel relaxed.
  • Regular health checkup can make them feel fit and healthy.
  • Encouraging them to take up a new hobby can excite and nurture the child in them.
  • Yearly vacation can give them a new lease of life.

Most of all some time spent with them like having dinner together, watching television,

listening to their daily concerns can give them a fulfilling old age.