About Us

20 Years Caring About You

About Us

“Avekxa (Devanagari, is a Sanskrit word meaning “Care”) is a brand of Avekxa Healthcare Pvt. Limited.”

Avekxa provides Customized Digital Wellness Management Services including Lifestyle Management, Disease Management and Mental Health / Stress Management Program (Using Clinical Psychoanalysis and Technology Enablement to both Urban and Rural Population enabling it using innovative technology and effective collaboration.

Avekxa envisions to increase the reach and quality of primary healthcare and to provide “@Home” assisted and affordable living care for Senior Citizens and “@Home” Post Hospitalization Rehabilitation.

Being HealthE is a brand of Avekxa, which is conceptualized as chain of “Hyper Local” ‘at our doorstep’ centers providing Rehabilitation (Medical, Nursing, Diagnostic and Physiotherapy) Services. In some centers Medicine Dispensation could be included.

Avekxa Healthcare Private Limited is a company incorporated in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana.